“Her appraisal report was top shelf and was extremely persuasive in the mediation yesterday.” Sabaitis Lunsford & Moore, Attorneys

“The case settled today. Thanks for all of your fantastic assistance these past few weeks.” Weil & Drage, APC, Attorneys

“The charitable donation appraisal, it looks very good, very thorough, in fact, the best appraisal report I have seen.” Attorney

“Joette, I have just finished reviewing your appraisal for the artwork owned by Mr. and Mrs. X. I review many appraisals every day, and just wanted to let you know that reading yours was both educational and enjoyable - plus it was exactly what was needed to approve coverage of their high net worth fine art items. Thank you for your research on these items, and your professionalism in writing the appraisal; it is so important to those of us in the insurance industry.” Mr. X, Property and Casualty Underwriting Department, State Farm Insurance, Corporate Headquarters.

“Thank you again, you did a wonderful job on our home appraisal project. Very professional presentation.” Client for insurance coverage.

“Your appraisal report is beautiful and has proven to be very helpful. Thank you for your time, expertise and passion for what you do so well.” Family Trust

“Thank you for all of your work. We call it ‘the book’ and refer to it often.” Family Trust