Welcome to our website and the anniversary of twenty years in the valuation services business. We help many families in the midst of downsizing, moving, and redecorating.  There have been many articles discusing this subject and the issue is usually going from a larger home to a smaller home and people just not needing the extra items they have collected over the span of many years.  Many of these downsizers have adult children of their own with bulging homes and grandchildren with different tastes.  The millenials today have a different mindset in decorating than those of their parents and grandparents.

We recommend deciding on what you want to keep, give to relatives and friends, and then decide if you want to sell or donate.  The first thing you should do is hire us. - And we are not kidding, as you may have items received as wedding gifts that are now quite valuable.  Some items may have collectible value, artworks may have increased in value, and the only way to find out is to start with a consultation from us to evaluate your items.  We then will recommend a variety of ways to help you let go of these posessions. We can point you to the correct market for your items or with a formal appraisal help you take a charitable donation  deduction against your taxes while helping your old college or the many organizations who can use these items.